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Welcome to the Acting Department at SPAA. The BA Acting is a four-year, full-time actor training programme designed to prepare you for a successful career in professional Acting and Performance. The programme aims to nurture and increase your ability in acting while also developing your skills in singing, dance, and movement to the highest level. The SPAA Acting Programme is dedicated to creating the all-round performer and therefore you will be exposed to a wide range of techniques, genres and training styles. In essence, the average day on the course is split into two sections: morning and afternoon. The morning sessions are skills-based lessons, which include: dance, singing, voice & acting classes. Here you will work on techniques and technical skills. In the afternoons, you will be involved in project work that will allow you to put the skills and techniques you learn in the morning sessions into practice. Some examples of projects include: European Naturalism, Greek Theatre, Film and TV.

Eligibility Criteria

The Academy will only accept applicants who have the aptitude and commitment required for entering the professional world of performing arts.

Performance students (Musical Theatre and Acting Programmes) must pass the audition process

Production and technical students must pass the practical test and interview process.  Proof of successful completion of secondary schooling (with certificates) and English proficiency will be required on the audition / interview day.

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Admission Requirements
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Audition & Interview Process


SPAA is looking for students who have the potential to be confident, independent learners who are willing to embrace diversity, work with imagination, and commit to rigorous work and long hours of practice and study.

There is an online application for Programmes where you will be asked to enter personal details and education history. 

During the audition process, the panel is looking for students who are excited about creating theatre, interested in the world around them and willing to engage fully with the training process. With over 30 hours of contact time per week, the BA Acting programme is intensive and requires full commitment, so the panel will also be looking to see if the candidate is ready emotionally and physically to undertake the rigors of this study.

During the day the panel will be assessing your skills in acting, movement, and singing, and looking to see if you have potential to be trained in these areas. SPAA is not looking for a ‘finished’ or ‘perfect’ product. In the first instance these ideals do not exist in theatre and we are interested in process rather product.

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